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The complete technology

Infermedica collects, analyzes and uses medical knowledge to ask diagnostic questions to unmask your patients' conditions.

Medical Knowledge

We collect and organize medical knowledge.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

We analyze literature and patient records.

Inference engine
Inference engine

We draw conclusions from patient data.


We integrate with your product smoothly.

Artificial Intelligence

Chat Robot

Don't Skip Taking Medicine, Our Chatbot Will Remind You

  • 100,000 Verified doctors
  • 3M+ Patient recommendations
  • 25M Patients/year

AI Vaid Features

Easy and Handy. No need to stand in long queues, just answer questions few and get a clear view. Let your fingers do the walking.

Absolutely Free

AI Vaid provides free of cost services. Suppose you are narrow pocket and you need medical treatment immediately. AI Vaid is always available for you without any service charges.

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Diseases and Causes

A disease is an abnormal condition of an organism that impairs bodily functions, associated with specific symptoms and signs.

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  • 100,000 Verified doctors
  • 3M+ Patient recommendations
  • 25M Patients/year
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